Playstation - The King
Playstation - The King

The new film tells the story of a bored medieval king, who is not satisfied to sit and admire his past achievements and longs for more. Concept and matte painting by Somnio Studios.

Agency: BBH
Production Company: Epoch
Director: Martin De Thurah
VFX & Design: The Mill

Thinkbox: The Broadcast - Jan 2017
Thinkbox: The Broadcast - Jan 2017

"Discover the power of TV advertising".

Matte Painting by us at Somnio Studios.

Creative Agency: The Red Brick Road
Director: The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide
Post Production: Big Buoy

Easyjet - How 20 years have flown - Dec 2015
Easyjet - How 20 years have flown - Dec 2015

"Easyjet - How 20 years have flown". A couple meet and fall in love on an easyJet flight in an ad celebrating the budget airline's 20th anniversary. Somnio provided matte paintings for the backgrounds, elegantly put together by the team at Absolute.

Advertising Agency: VCCP
Production Company: Rogue Films
Director: Mark Zibert
VFX/Post Production: Absolute

Dulux - Colourless future by Daniel Wolfe
Dulux - Colourless future

Dulux's latest film "Colourless future" is set 30 years in the future when our world has forgotten colour. We follow Callum, a dome painter whose job it is to endlessly keep the city white, and Frida - a colour rebel.

Advertising Agency: BBH
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe
VFX/Post Production: Glassworks

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